Insane shots collection



Take a look at me bullying yellow
Round 3


U oofed urself after ur god plays xD


u still lost points xD


No insane shots here, but this is how to win a match with shots in one (last) round when you have 157 and leader has 241:


Best way to catch the unprepared fellas. Multi :heart: :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


technically this isn’t shots, but that boosted fever was such a snipe, I had to post it here.
here’s the full game (it was last round).

Power Dash Trickshots
CFPro GIF compilations

(I’m the pink guys, BTW! :heart:)
I honestly wasn’t really aiming for this guy, but this shot looks epic. :+1:


I made another pretty good shot, this time I used Screen > GIF! <3


I’m the pink one again!


Nailed it!


great shot (s)!


Round 3, when I steal +5 off blue. I honestly have no idea how this happened and… wait that looks suspicious…


Got another at the start of the round xD


OH MY GOD! #hacking Just kidding


Thank you :slight_smile:


Wait … @Zero that mummy skin was Cinot?


Round 5, I’m Red.
It’s not really good though…


Wow, dude! Love your combo!

#58 sorry guys idk how to make it as gif anw look at the start of round 6 when im close to grey :joy::joy::joy: triple

#59 at this game i literally didnt do anything in 5 rounds i guess untill the final round :rofl::rofl::rofl: it was a dope game


I cant see the reply…