Insane shots collection



Welp yes 18.something but multi has got better range and scatter has better range(than zap) too


But scatter shot kinda sucks when someone’s rly close to you. Also there’s a chance that the opponent might not be hit at all even if the opponent is in the range of the scatter shot.


Round 5, some pretty good shots :joy: and aimbot on the hideself user :joy:


Ow i remember it :rofl: that was a gud game anyways …


I should use stealth - fever but forgot to change it


playing without powers is probably the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Insane shots collection, but nonetheless…
(round 4 in this game)

the reason why I turn off shadows lol

CFPro GIF compilations

How is that a insane shot


Considering this topiс became a place to share good plays here is a comeback without attacking modules: I was last whole game with 149 points after 6th round while leader had 241. I kind of didn’t make something special but didn’t let anyone to attack me in this massacre last two rounds, which proved to be the best way to win :joy:


Same but when I do have them I wasn’t recording XD


round 4 and round 6
Sorry its not a gif but i got a guy from the opposite corner and a double shot so please watch


I made a new account just to play without Power Ups, ty for the inspiration :slight_smile:


That’s nice to hear! Go pacifists!


Yikes those were some nice shots :heart_eyes:


Last round
Using corner laser once again



Rounds 2 and 6
Im blue, of course :wink:

round 5 in the end i blew up a line and then got a double shot through there.
PS: I was lagging really bad for nearly the entire match so dont judge the other shots.


1 round, not that good but I do hit someone invis.

I Love 1 shot double shot



Here’s a pretty nice double multi shot




Round 5, im bullying yellow.