Insane shots collection



Last round, made an awesome comeback


Your welcome, I converted it into a gif.
Pumpkin is Sniper_G


Thanks @Random-Dude :grinning:


Jack-o’-lantern you mean?


Multi%20Shot First double shot with Multi xD


Ughh… I need slow mo to see all the shots. It’s so fast.


Yesterday i had triple shot but forgot the reply ID
But nice shots!


Round 2 triple laser


lel thats how you win games

#143 it is not an insane shot but it was one of the hardest games for me lol nice job all the players!
The hell stars from 5 round… Idk how did i win


Not sure about it but the range u had on most of those shots would have been enough for u to use scatter :joy: no real need for multi then


Round 5, I’m not used to spam but I still managed to do okay. Btw, I’m Blue Racer


Heh im bad and playing on phone is harddd and lags are not helping… But i was 1st (yay)…
Btw zap would steal more points but it has smaller range


Zap steals the same as scatter :stuck_out_tongue:


Welp yes 18.something but multi has got better range and scatter has better range(than zap) too


But scatter shot kinda sucks when someone’s rly close to you. Also there’s a chance that the opponent might not be hit at all even if the opponent is in the range of the scatter shot.


Round 5, some pretty good shots :joy: and aimbot on the hideself user :joy:


Ow i remember it :rofl: that was a gud game anyways …


I should use stealth - fever but forgot to change it


playing without powers is probably the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Insane shots collection, but nonetheless…
(round 4 in this game)

the reason why I turn off shadows lol