Insane shots collection



Hide often doesn’t help against shots. I blamed myself so many times for pressing it just out of habit when it’s ready, while I could use own curve as defence from shots or even cut off someone :grinning:


Poor Rotan


I just realized something. I was playing this (Round 1): at half speed. I posted it as an insane shot. When I looked at it closely, when I hit Racer’s mine, I lost 1 point.


Round 7, +27 off tbone. Another accidental shot…


(Strictly speaking, teleport is not a shot and neither is power dash.)

Round 2: Outplayed pink, but lost 4 points.
Round 3: Outplayed pink.
Round 5: Sort of outplayed purple.
Round 5: Outplayed pink, but lost 8 points.
Round 6: Outplayed purple.
Round 6: Sort of outplayed pink.
Round 8: Outplayed pink and purple.
Round 9: Outplayed orange.


this is why I love multi+double
(full game here)

CFPro GIF compilations

Nice boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


How not to get laser’d in the last round? Push, HARD. xDReplay


Boi u play like not u lol


@The-Golden LOL maybe you should come play some time? I rarely see you in game xD


Idk Cuz u f*** me when i play with u
And they closed schools in Poland


Whole game second place , hit him with a nice cheeky shot.

Last round :


For Hide Self, just pretend you are turning away from them, then use Hide Self, then go the other way. If you keep doing this then people will anticipate you so sometimes don’t fake the turn.


Well, thanks for the advice, but that’s like basics of hide-self play :wink: I was talking rather about situations when you need to close and protect your space by curving without using hide, but you rather press hide automatically because it’s ready. It’s obvious that you need change your direction every time after you press hide, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes you invincible for random shots. So what I meant is that your curve-line is often a better defence from shots than hide.


im blue :wink:
Round 2
double mine thingy that @Zero does a lot


Can somebody give me a link to a good gif converter?
I want to use one but I don’t know how to and where to look.


This one has been mentioned before… It really does the job!


Nice moves @itsToby! Well done, great double shot! :slight_smile:


Multi shot is my thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the blue guy :stuck_out_tongue: TRIPLE SHOT

I’m the green guy. TRIPLE SHOT

I’m the yellow guy :slight_smile: Just a nice play tbh


I remember that triple shot! I’m the angel lol Nice one!