Insane shots collection



I’m so in love with awesome satisfying shots, so i thought, people might want to share theirs too.
If you have an awesome shot, that hits-one-in-a-year type, share it here! :slight_smile:
Side note: GIF preferred :wink:

Your best side shot one shot combo hits
Best players of CFPro - Wall of Glory 🏆 [2019 - 2021]

I start it with my latest one :blush::blush:


That’s actually a beauty! Good job man!


How just it happened?wonderful haha


Paradox the sixth round. Not as impressive as yours but okay.


I just fcking love multi shot :smiley:
Send videos :smiley:


here’s me (rasta) bullying @hohoho with my beloved multi-double

(you can find the full game here, where I made 12 successful shots in total)

CFPro GIF compilations

Thats a great shot!


np @74R45


Will lazer count?

Round three of this one


Round 6 don’t know if this actually counts


woah that went thru the wall :thinking:


Hey I see only CFP smash hit curve…


You have to click on it @The-Golden


Oh thx!


Hit another with side shot


Round 6 I think


fun was had… see round 8
or watch this gif


Some of you may have seen this before :slight_smile: I’m practising trying to land a longer shot version and/or one where the fevers are released separate to one another which looks way cooler but is more challenging as it’s kinda awkward on the middle finger but I’m sure it’s just a muscle memory thing (I need that finger to do an extra task it doesn’t normally do). If I can nail it I could create more awesome opportunities to do the trick across the field. At the moment the best opportunity is when being sandwiched xD05


my mans hakked xD