Insane comback with insane combo



i had a really bad start and i also lost connection during the game, so at some point i had 13 points while 1st had 241…
somehow i ended up winning this game.
i used a combo that i have never seen anyone else who is using it, and its a really good one, so i thought why not to show off this game and share my combo with others.
the combo: trigger bomb with 180


well done


Imma try this 100


Well this is a clip of me when i had really bad lag.


Oh plus today i got someone to 0 !


i have already tried this combo before and its seriously insane… you legit cannot die xD

#7 When you go into DarkLight/Line mode.


Yikes, thats just too dirty xD


nice comeback!




My down key is totally busted and makes me speed up suddenly even if i dont press it. I was losing horribly due to it till the last round.
My combo is side shot + speed burst