Ingame Leaderboard


This is not my own idea, someone asked in the discord if there is an ingame leaderboard and there currently isnt. Itd be really nice to have one

Leaderboard "Wall of Glory"

Also idk maybe a / command like /gm and then it would do all the current gms and maybe trophies


It can be Kills (Line is probably gonna be there.),Wins and Trophy Rank.



Like this topic:

I would like to know if it"s possible to have this inside the game and automatic ? With a leaderboard to see best 10 players for the round 1, round 2, etc …
We can create “lot” of ranks like this, not to much.

It will be great and so we can play differently, be more offensive or defensive.

On the other hand, it should be possible only in Quick Play mode to avoid any “fraud”.

Feel free to ask me questions if it is not clear, not being English, I minimize my words :blush: p


Good idea @Kalorte :wink::smile:


Would have to be done very well, otherwise it would just overfill the game. Technically it shouldn’t be an issue since I think they log every game with stats.

Before doing this it would be much cooler to have a real time, in-game ranking of the top 100. That would increase the competition by a lot imo. After that this would be a cool feature indeed, but it can look very overwhelming especially for new players.


I always thought that it would be very cool to have not only leaderboard, but advanced ingame stats. Like who is best at survival? Or who has the best shot/fever accuracy? Or best guy at cut-off (a rare, but cool stat). I think that it’s more interesting than best 1st-rounder (which is actually irrelevant). As Line said it would really increase the competition, but devs don’t have enough time for even simple leaderboard (it’s ok, since they are busy with important things like teams and steam). So I don’t see its appearance in the nearest time. Even though I would definitely support an idea!