Ingame Icon



Hi there,

while playing Pro i was always wondering how i can set the ingame icon besides the fact when you unlock it in Battle Pass. Sometimes i tried to changing the icon by clicking on it pro on the main page and then be greeted by my own Player Profile. When you click your current icon there nothing happens. Its also kinda weird how it hightlights my name but not the icon even tho by clicking any of those it launches the same menu.

Just by making this post and digging around in the battle pass i found out that you can set your icons there and even select icons from past seasons. I bet i am not the only one who did not knew this.

It’d be cool if you could view and set all you unlocked icons by clicking on the icon in main screen and power picker screen.

It be also a neat feature to have your own sorta icon maker, where you can select one of your hats and then select a background to it.

There also could be reward icons, like some unique in crates, some to show of your rank from past seasons/tournaments.

I am new to the forum and could not find another thread to this, so sorry if its a double post…


Yea so I thought this was in help :sweat_smile: my bad


wait what? hehe


I made a reply on how to change it :sweat_smile:


Yeah i found out how to change it because i was sure that there must be a possibility to change it.
However thats the whole post summed up, its not user friendly and i was getting frustrated.
(yeah i know icons dont matter at all gameplay wise)


Hi, thx for your feedback. If I remember devs planned on making something like a locker room, where you can change skins, hats and icons all together. I guess that would make things a lot easier. However idk for when this is planned to come out.