Ingame community section submissions


Do you have some awesome footage (video/gif) or any kind of fun content of you playing Curve Fever Pro? Just drop it in this thread for a chance to have it featured in the community section of the Curve Fever Pro main-menu.



Lol THE @Turtle: “hello youtube” :joy:

oh yeah and wp ozzz :+1:


My first video on YouTube playing curve fever link:

I don’t know how to put it as a iframe on the forum by the way… I already tried it but it didn’t worked.

Made a new curve fever pro vid for you guys out there :grinning::

New vid:


I really don’t know if this makes the cut, but this has to be something special right?


Hope you like it i guess sorry for no sound


SyRj8cnEE.0 chick this out


How do you record your screen?


for mobile you can get screen recorder apps, for PC on Windows 10 there is an inbuilt functionality in the XBox settings. Or you can just download a screen recorder. I believe the latest version of android has an inbuilt screen recorder.


For windows (10) it’s: windows key + alt + R


I’ve been playing with a no powerup build for a while, here’s one of my best matches, winning against 2 diamond ranked players. In round 1 I fight off 2 players on the wall. Green surprises me a lot rounds 2 and 3 but I do much better with survivals the rest of the game