Information regarding unofficial tournaments


Hi all, there seems to be some miscommunication about unofficial tournaments.
It is still possible to provide rewards for unofficial tournaments except for the champion status/crown.
The rewards are the same as before but I’ll write them here again.

The rewards

For every 5 participants (rounded down) that PLAY in the tournament you can add 100 gems :gem: to the prize pool.
The minimum amount of playing participants to get rewards is 10.
If there are 23 participants the prize pool will be 400 gems and if there are 25 it will be 500 gems.
It’s up to the tournament organizer how to divide the gems.
Make sure to notify the moderators after the tournament with a list of users and the amount of gems so that we can give the gems to the winners.

Submission and approval

Unofficial tournaments have to be submitted to the moderators.
You can make the forum post and send the link to moderators.
They will review it and let you know if it’s eligible for rewards.
Make sure to include clear rules in your tournament.
After getting approval you will also be given access to write in the tournament announcements channel on Discord.
When making a forum post for your tournament make sure to prefix it with [UNOFFICIAL]