Inappropriate name


So yeah, I was just playing in gold 1, and then I saw someone named Backstabbit*h… except the * was a c. So yeah I was wondering if you could ban him or something because this is kinda annoying and I would like to play with younger kids near by.


Sorry to break it to you like this but if thats the worst you’ve seen you’re in for a ride.


Hi, if you right-click on the username you can report the player. Moderators will look at each individual case and take action if needed.


Ok Thank you


Ik this isn’t the first but I just decided to do something about it


I understand. Definitely something that needed to be addressed. Some of the names I’ve seen are insane.


Can I report you for wanting to play with younger kids? It sounds a bit weird bruh


Here is guide how to report in Curve Fever Pro :wink:

I need recommendation for European films

My name is MrHeadAssTrendy and no one says anything about it , infack Ive had people say they like my name.


oh yeah… I go to a daycare somtimes and most of the kids are younger, im 12



Two moderators have given you advice on how to deal with this. Therefor I conclude that your question is answered.


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