Inactivity reasoning




In the following days, you might see me becoming a tad bit inactive. Don’t fret, because this is due in part to me having my chromebook taken away.

Don’t worry, i got a desktop at home and i’ll still be able to go on forums and go on CFP as i would so normally, but be aware that i might not be as active



Lol why is ur Chromebook tooken away? My district just let’s us keep ours until we change schools :laughing:


Too many people breaking them over summer.


Hahahahaha feels bad I hit an insane shot on my friend and he punched his Chromebook and it fell and it was so funny. We still got to keep our Chromebooks


lol that is exactly what’s happening to me! my chromebook is being taken away tomorrow :sob: Luckily I have a laptop at home so I will be able to use that.


Hippity Hoppity Property’s Chromebook is no longer Property’s property :cry:

Sad reacts only.


I have an HP Spectre, but my laptop is currently being replaced (1099 USD, so expensive, ugh) because I had the idiotic idea to finish a round of Curve Fever on a floating lounge chair in a pool. You can guess how that ended. :expressionless:




yep. tough buns lol


WELP sucks for you

WAIT> you play in school!!!


Dude im in the same problem I am friends with @Firedragon iredragon irl so we have the same prob


lol, i do wait what…


I’m not nearly as active right now because I currently moved to Texas (on my summer break), and I wasn’t fully interested into playing CFP anymore. But don’t worry, I’ll play in a while. For now, good luck and have fun. :wink:


Yeah my interest is losing intensity too. Ever since my girlfriend (who is currently on scholarship at a college in California) stopped playing with me in CFP and my friends became inactive, I don’t really have anyone to enjoy the game with. And I can only afford a yearly visit to Cali.