Impossible to rejoin after my pc reboots


Hi there.

Really often my computer reboots randomly (idk why if people have ideas why pls help o/), and it takes me like 1m30 to login to my system, to open a Firefox window (fu google) and to get back to Cfp.
But the game doesn’t allow me to rejoin the game so I keep losing points.
Classic scenario : Easy game with silver and gold players. First round, I’m playing like a god and then black screen and I hear my computer rebooting yay.
So I’m like “no problem, I just have to rejoin the game”. The game proposes me to rejoin and then an error message appears to tell me I can’t rejoin.

So, basically, my question is “is it possible to make it possible to rejoin if the navigator crashed or th system itself ?”
And also for computer nerds, if someone has ideas about my reboot problem, please help :smiley: