I'm So Annoyed


It’s been a full week since I couldn’t log into my account. I originally did a forum post about it to ask for help, and the mods told me to send them proof of my account, which I did. Then @Line told me to send it to the support email, which I also freaking did. So far, they have not given me my account back. They don’t even respond to my emails, and I think that they honestly can’t get it, and they are just stalling. I spent $37 on this godforsaken game, and I swear to god, if that goes to waste, I’m done with curve. I sent them all their freaking evidence, including my email, username, password, and proof of account. I don’t understand why they can’t give me my account back.


Please help me mods if you are reading this


Dude relax, we mods can’t do anything about it. We are not able to get your account back. The only person that is allowed to do that right now is Geert (only remaining dev). We told him to restore your account but he is very busy and I am not sure when he will be able to do so!


Are you serious?


You don’t know when mya


Yes I am serious.


Gimme a range of days


Of how long it will take


I really just want my account back :frowning:


Its been a week since i last played with skins and actual powers that arent garbage


I have no clue, it is not like I know Geert’s schedule! Might be tomorrow, might be in a week or 2, I honestly have no idea.


thats so long :frowning:


could you at least talk to him for me please? to speed it up? and if ou can that woul dbe great.


jesus i can’t spell xD


We did do that… but he is rarely online, so just be patient!


don’t you have his number or something?


you guys should hire more devs


Actually we are hired by him :joy: and nope we don’t have his number… never even met the guy haha! More devs is not an option since there is no money… Would be much better if some mods would get access to more stuff but that isn’t going to be the case either!


That’s so weird xD


you’re legit working for a guy you’ve never met