Im new to forums


hello i like to eat chicken tenders :slight_smile:


i dont really like chicken tenders


Hello and welcome to forum beware of Pidgei hehe and dont spam unless u wanna get uhhh bit


:o ik u did not just say that


yeah pidgey is bad he spams


Welcome @Me-a-bot to the official Curve Fever Pro forum!
To be safe, it is better to read this: in case so you don’t get into trouble !

Welcome to the community and be glad to be here ! :slight_smile:


@Reecko and @Liz2real

Pidgey has been dealt with by a moderator and I think that he can only see the messages and like them, but I think Pidgey is banned from commenting on forums.


ohhhhh oof thats why its been quiet




Briannnn! nice to see you joined the forum c:


great my notification sound is silent and there is no spam


i kinda feel bad for pidgay but not rly


I guess we can let him spam more :confused: