Im new and need welcoming



Introduction me lol
I am new and I like ____


Hello @Abby!
Welcome to Curve Fever Pro, where the fun begins!
I hope you are well and everything is crackin’ on your way! :slight_smile:

Please read this FAQ post to prevent any issues in this community!

If you need any advice or help:

  • private message me on forum
  • add me in-game : Gremlin
  • add me on Discord: Gremlin#9040

Hope you have fun and good luck!

Gremlin - Community Moderator :heart:


I do not have discord but I will get it now!


my in-game user is box


Hello @Abby! Welcome to the Curve Fever Pro Forum! I am IDONTKNOW. I hope you have a good time here. I like Shrek too.


I have a friend on the forum we friends in irl his name is @daRealPig and he wanted me to write this for him, Hey guys I can not write dis cause my account is almost banned idk why but not I can not reply to anything… if a dev can help me out and fix this that would be greatly appreciated I did nothing wrong If I had to guess it was someone that does not like me and wants me to be banned.
I just copied and pasted that Pig sent me an email


lmafo xD Welcome Box! I hope u have a lovely time here!


Welcome @Abby u can send me friend request if u want, I’m –Latios– in-game (with 2 dashes)


wus good @Abby


welcome i guess


Welcome @Abby! I hope you have a great time at Curvefever Pro. I hope to see u in-game :smiley:


Welcome to the game - its simple and fun - enjoy it!


Hello Box! I am LizzieDaDuckie! Hope you enjoy your time.


thanks for the welcom-ing-ness-ity


welcome to the game @Abby please be nice and have fun i wish you my luck your journey begins here learn how to play make friends have fun get powers and enjoy! my username is also jj-____-


Wait, I thought u were a lizard?


Also, hey box, I hope that you enjoy the game.


Welcome @Abby hope you have have amazing time ahere. Good luck.


Welcome to CFP @Abby. Here’s some advice: Watch what I do in-game, taking notes and paying careful attention. After doing this, do your best to avoid doing anything I did.

*EDIT: This is probably good advice for any player, XD.


I keep changing my account name