I'm moved to line


when I was next to the line I’m moved to line and die


and whats the point of this topic xD


That’s either lag or lag spike. Nothing serious.


sorry but how many tabs is that?

also please press \ during gameplay to see your ping and fps thank you for your co-operation


@Pidgey you had a bunch of tabs open no wonder why it was lagging


@QUARAY123 no this is a game bug


Fps and ping are useless


lines moves
players moves
this is game bug


@Pidgey no it’s probably not a bug, just lag, because you had so many tabs open.


That could be the description of lag/lag spikes too. It’s probably just a lag spike, because you went into tbe line.


first round


thats not the same match there was no purple


besides it could be an air death or something


no, player moved to me and I’m died because I crashed into line


look at first round


what round?


in the pic there was a purple line but in the game there was no purple


@Pidgey That’s how the game works. He got a speed burst pickup, and sped around you so that you couldn’t avoid it, causing you to die.


look other rounds


You died because you hit a line, that is how the game works.