I'm Link. Introduction(?)



My username is Link.
Hi, just wanted to put this out there because I am somewhat new to the game and new to Forum. I don’t know what to put here other than if you wanna know who I am check my profile and/or message me. Anyway, that’s all. See ya.


Hey Link, glad to have you here. I hope you are enojoying CFPro so far! Let’s have a match together sometime :3


Welcome to the Curve Army! :pentagon::tetragon::trigon:


Hi and welcome to the awesome Curve Fever Pro Forum (and Pro) community! :tetragon: :mega_crate:


aww thanks everyone. This kind of support is awesome!


Hey we played together i am mediolica.


Ohh nice! You got to see how bad I was at this! XD


Hi Link!!!


Hi Lily! :smiley:


U r not bad at all. If i remember correctly, u came 1st in a game with me which had meow/sarah (who is a gm) as well.


Ah, I see.
I feel like either I am super good at it at times but other times I just suck for some reason.


My username is Link.

Speaking of Link, has anybody played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? I didn’t, but I heard that it is a really good game.


It was actually nominated for one of the best games ever. It got a 98 out of 100 rating so it is the highest game to receive a rating that high yet. I totally recommend it.


Super smash bros world of light better in my opinion… I usually play Link there xD


Looks like I made this topic go off-topic very quickly. :rofl:


:rofl: I’m totally ok with it tho


Hey Link! Glad to see new people join our no-so-humble-anymore community ;D
I’m Taras btw




Have you seen global chat??? :rofl:


Hi Link
(I am the one that always asks u to play diep.io with me :slight_smile:)