I'm leaving


Hi guys, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, and I’ve decided to leave CFP due to three reasons.

  1. The lag. I would say that since the pickup update there have been many new lags added. At times, the game is unplayable as pickups seem to “explode”.

  2. The user base. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but recently, there has been a lot of tension between friends of mine, and it makes me really sad to see them like this. :confused:

  3. The game. After a while of playing cfp, it feels like opening this tab has become somewhat of a habit, instead of an active choice. This is probably not the best for my health…

I will really miss the game and all of the community. Stay safe and be happy :slight_smile:


:cry: It’s sad that you’re leaving CFP, I’m sure the community will welcome you back anytime!
There have been problems with the lag lately ever since Geert added the pick-up mode. If you think this is not the best for your health, then you’re making a right choice, although it will be sad for players who know you well and made great bond with you.

I wish you the best of luck out of the community and I am sure they wish you best of luck too!
We (the community) will be waiting for you to come back if you’d like to!

Stay safe too!


I THOUGHT U WOULD aLwAyS be there for me!!


Yeah I’m going to be leaving soon as well, I might stop by every once in a while just to see how things are going


:frowning: You were good face, you were good. CYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :+1:




I hope you stay active on Discord.
As for @In-Your-Face, it was nice meeting you. I hope we meet again in the future!


Yes, I will be staying active on discord.


:smile: It was nice having you around.


I guess i wont see u again in qp…
Hav a gud time…


Dam bro now i feel like its my fault(it really is my fault).But i’m sorry for being a pain in the ass,and not being a friend when u needed me.i didn’t realize how good of a friend u are,and to see u leaving just tears me apart.you were a hella of a good friend and a smart ass,remember when u helped me with school.Im truly sorry for my behavior bro,i support u with this decision and imma miss u really bad so visit sometime plssssssss,ight bro stay safe and dont forget about me


face leaving is like when Lebron left the Cavs. WHAT A PSSY MOVE! :joy:
Nah man I’m just messin go and have a great life. don’t do too much weird shit in highschool. :crazy_face: but use that brain of urs and live ur life, be smart, and STAY AMERICAN!!!
-much love :kissing_heart:
P.S. if u want my snap dm me :slightly_smiling_face:


yea same if u want my snap dm me


I will miss you face sad to see you go:(


Jeez man, I get you. Hope you come back soon with an active choice.


Thanks so much guys for all your kind words, the community is the real reason i stayed on cfp so long ^^

have a good day :slight_smile:


well that ended on a happy note


Will you come back to cfpro?
I will really miss you if you don’t.
I loved playing in qp’s and winner picks combos with you.
CFPro in my life won’t be the same without you. :cry:


Why did you block me on discord?


Nope, didn’t block you!
I just have private messages turned off except for my friends list (you have to be on my friends list to pm me)
and I have it turned off so you people can’t send friend requests to me, I only send them.
I don’t want random people messaging and friending me…