Im leaving CFP maybe not forvr



Hey all reading this trash post users
I just want to say that im leaving CFP (maybe not forvr) cuz the game will not have any updates
That’s all I wanted to say so… Cya!
(Maybe u will see me sometimes playing on Quickplay but u have 1% to see me on Quickplay… info for joeyjumper and mosetafa)
So… Finally CYA!


RIP CFP 20?? - 2019 cuz no updates


I dropped it too,were my two happiest years (aug 2017- sep 2019) on board of playing this game,and yeah time goes by and ppl grow up and i have new responsibilities ,i hope this game get still a friendly playerbase as a great legacy that cf deserve

#4 I’m still playing no matter what!


@BIGDROJAS I can’t see this reply