I'm finally quitting the game



I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now and I’ve decided to finally quit this game for a few reasons.

  1. I strongly disagree with the lack of communication since the games bankruptcy. Many players still don’t even know the game went bankrupt months ago because no effort has been put into communicating this with us through the forum or discord. Except for 1 article which was posted in Dutch which doesn’t index in a google search in English. That frustrates me even more because the owner felt it was OK to go tell a magazine the details but leave the entire community hanging whilst still accepting payments for in game purchases. I have reached out to mods about this and only been ignored or told “we don’t know for certain what will happen so we don’t want to say anything yet” - if the game no longer has a customer service or development team then we deserve to be advised that things will be quiet for a while with no updates or bug fixes for the foreseeable future. Mentioning this in the odd comment or direct message does NOT count, if you can publish it in a magazine you can have the courtesy to post some news about it here, communicating directly with your so called “valued” community which you are happy to take money from.

  2. The lag right now in game is unreal. It’s not even playable at all in some matches and everyone is getting it so it is 100% server related. The leaderboard in game stopped working on January 1st, I have made efforts to let the team know only to be ignored once again.

  3. I honestly have more important things to be doing than playing curve fever so it was coming towards the time to say goodbye anyway. Various music and art project lined up for 2020 means I need as few distractions as possible. It has been nice getting to know some of you, others not so much.

I know the games future is uncertain at the moment but it wouldn’t have hurt to make a carefully worded announcement that doesn’t make any promises but lets us know whats going on - it would have made the community feel involved and valued. We’re the ones that make the game what it is after all and we deserve to know. Instead, bug reports are being ignored and we are only getting snippets of information spread by rumour, or in the odd comment or private message, which was how I discovered the facts.

You may have a load of notifications from me commenting my thanks on every news post since launch, that’s because I wanted to highlight just how quiet it has been lately. We were always updated and informed and lately just forgotten about. To think I purchased content on a 2nd account to try and help, well the game won’t get another penny from me.

This is not intended to be a hate post, I’ve made real points that effect many players and it needs to be said. Now with that said, I do wish the game the best of luck. I sincerely hope Geerts hard work pays off. Lets just hope he hasn’t lost the entire player base by the time he gets round to talking to us about the problems the game is facing.

Goodbye, beautiful people. All the best for 2020

Your neighbourhood friendly Zero


Whats about the passive aggressive spam posts tho? I dont think thats gonna help anybody…


You know what, actually you are right and thank you for pointing that out. It certainly wasn’t my intention to be malicious and I’m prepared to shift my perspective and understand that it may be perceived as an act of passive aggression and for that I wholeheartedly apologise. I was just upset and angry at the way I (as a VIP player) had to find out the news. Big mistake from Hidden Monster Games. Also I take I back what I said about the lag, they seem to have responded and it is now said to be much better. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate this.

I am thankful for the hard work the team put in, with frequent updates and communication, so those “spam” comments are not just for the sake of being passive aggressive. My intention really was to try and make a stand for the community. Hoping it might give them a nudge to continue communicating with us, by showing them that we appreciate what they’ve already done and that communication lately, has been missed.

You know, the gaming industry is brutal these days. If it were a larger company that went bankrupt, didn’t announce anything to it’s fans whilst continuing to take money but with no official announcement regarding future development - boy would the community come down on them like a ton of bricks. The company would have received extremely bad press and fans worldwide would be quitting the game and reacting far more aggressively than I have. Just take a look at what Bethesda have been going through lately with Fallout 76…

Anyway I wish you all the best of luck <3



Hi Zero,

Your post voices the concern I’ve had for the past few weeks/months. I’m glad I’ve met you in-game for a short period where you’ve been handing my ass to me :wink:

Curvefever (pro) has so much potential, which is why it stings so much to be in this situation. As a game/web/all-round developer myself I can see ways to build upon the product that currently exists, but without the communication this will never become a reality. The server lag of the past 2 weeks is slowly weeding out the loyal playerbase which will result in the inevitable demise of the game.

It could become a community driven open-sourced project run on donations. It could be continued by a small dev team, even pro bono in the beginning. Yet right now the future is bleak.

I am still silently hoping that we’ll get a message from someone who could actually set something in motion to save the game and the idea. I’d love to be proven wrong and see the inevitability changed.

Nonetheless I thank the creators for the lovely (and rage) moments I’ve experienced. Starting as a kid in high school to now after college.

  • Rick (Nenyth)



So I am doing the same as @Zero but only for a short period of time February to April. To be honest I am not concentrating on things that are more important than gaming. I will be playing for this month though.
I hope the game gets into a good position while I am gone.



Im leaving this game for 3 weeks cuz i needa study…