I'm done with this game



i’m leaving the game until something is done to the matchmaking and a punishment is given to the leavers. [unless FFA comes back to quickplay, and i somehow get that info]

matchmaking right now is: ‘‘these randoms are in your team because they are matchmaking, their rank and level doesn’t matter’’ - matchmaking that is actually based on rank or level [and if this is implemented right now, it sucks]

punishment for leaving right now: ‘‘you will lose more rank [which honestly is way too low]’’ - people that leave shouldn’t be allowed to enter quickplay for couple minutes

also to anyone that might reply to this, i’m going to be avoiding the forums for a couple weeks [at least] Good Bye and Have Fun


I just registered to agree with you here. I tried to like this mode, i loved normal ffa to death, but the current gameplay is blood boiling.

I get it you cant make perfect teams with a small playerbase, but the truth is, 4 out of 5 games i want to rip my hairs out thats how frustrating it is to play right now. I am getting angry just thinking about playing another round.

Hope you fix it somehow, see you in a couple.


Best fix would be to put teams to customs and ffa back to quickplay. Teams are much easier in customs and nobody would need to think of matchmaking…

Quickplay is just not suited for fair team games



Me after seeing “customs” instead of “costums” in Line’s post.


Why :joy: it really would be gr8


omg i feel the same!
Even when you try to get into ffa mode by going to “join game”, it´s impossible to find a game without teams, even when you create one! i din´t find any settings or anything to find a way back to ffa.
I think i will have a look maybe in one week again, to find out, if they changed anything about this mess…


Leavers ruin da game.

In single player mode, we don’t care about leavers because, the more there are leavers, the easiest it is to win. But in team mode, leavers make the game quite impossible to win. CPF really needs a quick update that let us chose between single player or team mode. Leavers must be punished hardly. If a player leaves several times in several minutes, ban it for 1 day! I’m quite sure community will appreciate the game without those fake/troll players.


honestly if you want to leave and play another game none of us have the right to stop you. And when FFA comes back you might enjoy CFP a little bit more. :innocent:


No one has the right to stop the leaver, but it’s totally rightful to give them a temporary ban.


True that leavers exist and will always exist.
That’s why I’m going to do like @DDDloki : to quit temporarily CFP.
When classic mode is back, I will be back too.


True dat