If you are surprised, why aren't too many players in the game


This was written by a player, who started to play today.
And he left…

Why I don't like CFP

Pethy & Peti
:thinking: haha

But yeah wouldn’t be fun if you unlocked that much in two hours.
The progression is already pretty quick compared to when you’ve played a lot.


He was playing pretty good, so he’s maybe my newbie alterego. :smiley:

It might wouldn’t be, but this huge difference between crate-, and non-crate games still makes people lose motivation to play after they filled the slots. :confused:


Uhm, you could make the modules unlocked quicker, because they’ll need loads of time to unlock higher levels on the same module anyway. This way, you are giving more freedom and variety to everyone (especially new players) without changing a lot


Tbh I feel like there’s a lack of rewards in general.

Achievements don’t exist in this game (they really should), and there’s definitely a bit of a need for more modules, but that’s sure to come eventually.
Arenas would also give a feeling of progression. A progression of skill more than anything.

heck, what if you could see how good certain players were at certain modules?

“Whoah, that player is the #1 user of one-shot!”

I dunno.


i see p3thy in game, a few hours ago xd


i just played like 5 game with him and he is pretty good


can u tell me the sense of ur post… this guy is rightly disappointed…or are you already part of the new reward system 2 keep newbies hooked?


Yeah same, I told him that he was famous haha


wtf? :smiley:
I just wanted to point it out, that crate games are important, and useful, but after you have done them, all the other games are just pretty much waste of time (for the progression, module upgrades). And even a player, who joined hours ago realised it too, and he leaves, because why would he stay here… And i think that’s a big reason, why aren’t enough players in game to have balanced matchups.


It is sad to read. Though, everyone plays and enjoys the game for a different reason. The game is not made for everyone. It is not an exact version of a previous game. This is a new game.

People lied to him/her? There is nothing we can do about that. It is not about racing your way through the game.

Apparently I need to open crates

Well that is a big part of the game. This person is new to the game and there are aspects he/she hasn’t discovered yet. Saying it is the fault of the game? I don’t know. There is even a Beginners guide which helps new people.
Saying you waste 2 hours… as Rojoss said, you can’t expect to get everything in 2 hours. What’s fun about that?


I think people lied to him/her, because they said, he/she can earn zap by playin as much as he/she can. But actually he/she realised, that playing after the crate games doesn’t really help in getting the module points for zap. But he/she continued to play hoping, he will get those module points, and when realised, thought it was a waste of time…

Of course you can’t get everything in 2 hours, but at least show, that it’s worth playing for your progression after the crates.


To be honest, I was more annoyed at people lying to me than at the game. XDDDD

Happy News


I agree that the crate mechanic is not rewarding at all. First of all, after playing a game, people want immediate XP, it’s a dumb mechanic to wait to get XP for playing a game imo… No other game does this, you can keep playing and immediately gain XP. Not only you have to wait, but the game also limits you by putting a limit to the number of crates, essentially telling the player well you played your 4 games for the next 24 hours … you can go f*** yourself. What if I am motivated to play like 20 games to grind to get some powerup? The game discourages this… It’s a brute force method of trying to create a fake sense of progression… If you want progression it should come from larger amounts of XP needed to level up maybe with bigger rewards for each upgrade, but the problem is that this is just a snake game… powerups are not large amounts of upgrade to create such large XP between levels. At the moment you just annoy players who want to spend time playing by cutting of their rewards and that’s just really dumb decision and I don’t understand how this is still how this game works…

Currently I’m level 19, from playing a couple of times since the game came out. All I want is to try the corner powerup, but I can’t do that. I know there have been many topics about this already but damn what’s there not to understand that this is a bad way to create progression. Just make the XP rewards immediate and make a larger XP need between levels, at least players can get their progress immediately and can binge play for couple hours to level up… This is much more motivating way to progress through the power ups


I have to say, I kinda agree. Crates were good back when you could actually get other stuff then XP from them (coins, energy, …). Atm they feel like a relikt from the past.

You do get battle pass points each game, so I see how it might get confusing if you get XP per game as well. So some sort of regulation is needed. I just think as Milky does it would be far more motivating to get XP by actually playing (maybe not as much as you get from crates and the amount of XP needed to lvl up would have to be more.


I agree, I preferred the old crate system.

I think all the weapons should be more widely available to newer accounts, however I think crates should contain gold which can be spent in a store or used for trading or even for betting on player games. The crates could contain collectables that friends can trade, maybe a stamp system for completing challenges like getting 3 wins in a row, etc. What about 1 time wild cards such as double xp/rank that can be played before a match like jokers for an extra bonus or at an added cost.

Just a few ideas that spring to mind that could be really cool and rewarding xD


As rather new player, i’d like to see the balanced shifted between after game rewards and crate rewards. It could be more rewarding if you get a higher amount per game and then to keep people hook a little less xp in crates; or mabye a low chance to unlock f2p skins/colors