If This is Them, then Who are They? - Forum Game



Hey, it’s Property again.

Finally, another forum game; I got this idea from the “Is Stardust Rikri?” situation, and i think many people’ll enjoy it.

You take the user above you, and try to link them to another account using logic and facts. Because i’m assuming many people’ll somehow count for other people, let’s just see how long we can get the chain going.

Let the accusations begin!


I am you because we have the same profile pic


In that case, C-kun (theangelov) is B-kun (Wreckitelf) which is A-kun (Property) and A-kun is B-kun who is actually C-kun

Which means: A = B = C & B = A = C & C = A = B

(PS: kun kun kun kun kun kun kun kun #ihadtosorry)




Wreckitelf is technically me. Think about it.

  • somewhere around same grammar
  • somewhat same age
  • somewhat good at the game
  • same profile picture




no u @Wreckitelf is mine
-likes saying yeet
-both have a good sense of humor
-both like trash jokes
-plays cfp
-have decreasing ranks ok that was a joke


I guess we are all clones from different realities


eh ok


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee + reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee = @theangelov + @Wreckitelf + Unaffiliable (me)


I hate when people say reeee so @_unaffiliableAV3 booooooo


well maybe not exact clones but at least it’s similar


Yea I’m version emp 135.58 what version are you


837.78 iHP
7897.9 eMP


PS: D-kun (unaffiliable) = C-kun