(Ideas) New Turret Buffs, More Powerups and New Ranked System



May 3rd, 2021~
Attention all Curve Fever Pro Players:

Trax here to Introduce some much-needed ideas and criticism coming forth so that the dev’s of this wonderful game can Improve and develop this game bigger and better than It already Is.

Section #1:
Turret Buff- The turrets are a bit too helpful to the enemy and un-rewarding to land shots with, so let’s have a few systems and buffs In place to have the player always playing even when they are eliminated instead of being “AFK” during the round until they can play again as a curve.


  • As you hit players more and more the points deducted Are increased from 1 point to 2 to 3 and so on. (Max Is 5)

  • The rockets will have a radius for denotation similar to a Homing Rocket that curves use to steal points just a bit smaller (About half the size of the powerup)

But remember how I said turrets are helping the other players out by boosting them because of the mechanic where getting hit by say a scattershot or mine would bounce you up In the air for a short window of time.

Yeah, might not have noticed but the Rockets do the same thing, and hitting them with one near the edge of a line could save their lives which of course you don’t want to help the people that you’re going up against so… let’s get rid of the jump for the rocket only and let the mines and scattershot still have that bouncing capability.

But people might think, “Oh I will kill myself on purpose and steal points off everyone else so that I have no risk of losing points and win the game”. Not so fast! I also thought of that too, this will be so If you die the first 10 seconds of the round then you won’t go into turret form, and even If you delay the 10 seconds and kill yourself. Well, then I have another surprise for you. You have a limited amount of shots depending on how long you have lived for example. (Every 10 seconds passed you get a shot).

That’s all for Turrets I think they need a well-deserved break, let’s talk about some more ideas which are powerups!

Section #2:
New Powerups- I will list some new powerups that could be overpowered or underpowered in the meta If they were added Into the game. Anyways, let’s get to listing them!

Gate Crash: Would take a long time to deploy but after deployment would cause a large sphere that would take 6 points from a player every second they are In it for. (2x the size of the timed mine) also would take 2 points per second from Its own color as a balance measure, Lasts 10 seconds.

Tripware (2 Seperate Powers): Tripwires that are set off when a player gets too close to you, using It causes the player to lose some points 7-12 and gives the debuffs depending on your Tripware choice.

Red: When enemies go near you It causes them to slow down for 5 seconds

Green: When enemies go near you It causes them to speed up for 5 seconds

Optic Paraframes: Causes a spiral of mist to lunge to a player (Only In the front cannot be equipped In the back) and causes their vision to decrease also their speed to decrease so its fair for the victim and their reaction times.

Banker Zone: Any enemy to get caught In this area will bank 30 points into the orb, the owner of the banker zone can come anytime to the area to retrieve the points banked by opposing colors.

Color Bananza: Causes a bolt of electricity to either steal points from a player (15-18 points) or hit another players utility to claim It as their own.

Shock Bolt: Causes a bolt of electricity to electrocutes a portion of lines curves make, and instead of that player just dieing they also lose points to the owner of the bolt (7-10 Points)

Smoke Screen: Makes the owner Invisible In the zone for 20 seconds until It fades away, other players vision will decrease In the zone until out of It but no points are taken away unless they are revoked of points while In the smoke which will give any player who steals points from the smoked player get double points. (Could help enemies)

Thats the ideas that I have at the moment hope to see you In the ranks! Thats right! Im not a real fan of ranked right now because Its kinda weird.

So I’ll show you how we could fix some of the holes that ranked has at the moment…

New Ranked Rules (Small Update): You should not have trophie decay depending on If your Versuing Bronzes or Diamonds It just seems fitting to get more trophies from beating higher ranked people however not get as many for Versuing Bronzes.

New Ranks:

Grand Master: Highest Rank
Paper Rank: Remove This Rank
Platinum: Higher Than Gold but Lower than Diamond
Ameythyest: Higher than diamond but lower than Champion
Master: Higher than Champion but lower than Grand Master

Closing Off!



I like the ideas but honestly there’s so many of these topics and I don’t think it will get into development


Yeah, but always good to share ideas also I’m gonna share an event during June so that would be nice :wink:


Said it once and I will say it many more times, the ranks are fine as they are. Grand master is not a rank, it is the top 100 players at the time. Master is already a rank that you achieve at 1800. Champion rank does not exist, a champion is someone who won a tour. For paper rank, why remove it? It is a fun challenge to see if you can derank to get it. And finally, the other new ranks are not needed, as the ranking system is good as is right now.


Yea now thinking about It, seems more like something that Is unnecessary but could be nice If they did revamp the system, and sorry for the false info :lying_face: I’ll bookmark your comment to give people a more in-depth look into the rank system at the moment thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


I like the idea of a turret buff however, as they are very underrated and unused, and they don’t do much at the moment. Sadly, the game is not in development and Rojoss is doing only volunteer work in his free time (we love you Rojoss) and I do not think he would find the time to do something major like that.


Since I’m here trying to give constructive criticism, I’ll say one more thing. The idea for new powers again has the same development problem, but there are a few more things I would like to add. First off, a lot of these powers would break the meta, and create many new broken combos. The game is pretty balanced at the moment and that may mess it up. The biggest problem is that these powers steal a fixed amount of points. The game works in % at this time, and steals based on the amount that the player stolen from has. A fixed value would be overpowered in the beggining of the game, and wouldn’t do enough in the end of the game.


Thanks yet again, Rojoss probably has a lot of stuff to do so that’s something I did not take into consideration and the game Is very balanced but ideas are always good so he has something to off of If he does get the chance to continue updating the game. Thanks again! :blush:


SHESHHHH new smart kid like angel and sheep on the forum now tbh 2 much 2 read


This looked like so much typing it with my thumbs on my phone. Now on my computer it looks so tiny. :pensive:


Dont gotta read everything but It’s fine If your un-interested :innocent:


Always does, Always Will… :shushing_face:


I think the ranks are fine how they are.


Well, there is a reason why the community hates turrets and they are turned off at tournaments.

It is kinda complicated but ill make it quick.

CF has always been about surviving as long as you can. Putting a mechanic in place that awards you if you die contradicts the fundamental rules of the game.

Also, Turrets used to suck a lot more points but they were nerved to just 1 because even the devs didn’t like the idea. They just exist to keep players busy there is no other reason for their existence.

There is no point in improving them at all and the community would hate buffs to turrets. Instead, there could be other systems to keep you busy while dead like a ghost field or something similar but since rounds only last a minute anyway you can just wait.

Also, there is the flaw that good players that survive longer get less practice time with turrets. Making the mechanic kinda worthless to them.

Rewarding bad players is a step in the wrong direction. There is no debate if dieing should be a valid strategy because it has never been and should never be. That’s not how cf has been played for decades now.


Thanks for your feedback! I always thought of the game as getting the most points In a round since crippling points off somebody else Is the well… Secondary objective to many players, but right In saying that It would make the lower ranks hell to play In, Have a good day! :wink:


How come I’ve never seen anyone with Master rank lol.


I cant really say anything I’m silver LMAO


Master rank is replaced by the grandmaster rank. There are a lot of grandmasters that are at the right amount of trophies for the master rank, but are shown as a grandmaster instead because they are in the top 100. If the top 100 players were all master rank, then you would start to see people with the master rank.


:open_mouth: ohhh thanks i get it now.


I think turrents are fine how they are. It should be 1 point each time, except wall slammers. Why should you be rewarded more for dying earlier? Powers should not steal a certain amount of points each time. It should be based off percentages, just like all the powers are.