Ideas for the store



Hey guys,
so I know someone already a topic a bit like this but mine is different.

  1. So first one for the store is an item shop. The item shop is daily skins that come out like this featured shop and then like emotes. Like during a match you can throw out like a picture.

  2. Maybe you can have the old coins currency back.

  3. You can have daily challenges like
    *Speed in front of a player and eliminate them
    *Hit 10 people with a fevers

  4. Get 20 gems from levelling up instead of 10.

5.Change the battle pass price.

This is some of my ideas for a new store please consider this in an update

Also really like this idea


Or… Season ranking rewards!

#1 GM receive 300 gems
#2 GM receive 250 gems
#3 GM receive 200 gems
Top 10 receive 150 gems
Top 25 receive 100 gems
Top 50 receive 50 gems
Top 100 receive 10 gems


@ASIAN_REXY i totally agree with you. i have been saving up my gems for as long as i have been playing for a skin.

i made a new account after they removed energy lol i wasted too many gems on energy


and i love the daily challenge idea


i love the emote idea but i dont know how it is possible for the curve to do the emote


Those would motivate people to rank up… + rank reset would solve the inactives


Im 100% for bringing back coins!


I voted my own topic is that allowed?