Ideas for an April Fools joke



Okay, so if anybody’s reading this, i got an idea for some practical jokes to add to the game for April Fools

  1. Add a purposely horribly-drawn skin to the market for 20 gems for only April Fools for everybody to keep
  2. Make a post in General with horrible grammar saying how Hidden Monster is disbanding and Curve Fever Pro will be left with EA
  3. Add a gamemode for April Fools where everybody is permanently given angle turn for the entirety of the match
  4. Give everybody “RANDOM FEVER” in their modules for April Fools that basically gives the receiver a random effect [eg. thick, lo-rez, trippy]

Also, what ideas from this list do you like?

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I like only the first and last of these…the others are a bit extreme and prone to being misunderstood.


I think there all funny, they should add some of your ideas


I like the first one :smiley:

We also have some ideas, but not sure yet if we’ll have the time to do something cool, we’ll see :slight_smile:


The first idea should probably be the only skin usable during April Fools :thinking:


I propose to that day that everyone equip trollface pic and trollface hat (for battle pass users)


There should be some on the forum too


be careful what you wish for :wink:


i think april fools features wont be possible/viable imo,according we had a meager footbal wc event and almost nothing related to halloween and x mas ( skins were great though) xd.if this game had economical sustenance from advertising ingame like the most of browser games,we could "maybe " enjoy weekly events xd


Make all GMs seem like they lose 5 more rank than usual for every game they play, so they can scream :stuck_out_tongue:


hahah the best ever prank will be all gms losing their status by placing em at poopy 5 (lower than paper) :slight_smile:

  1. Make the entire queue unranked for a day and set everybody at Bronze for a day before setting them back into their usual ranks after April Fools. I can just imagine the looks on every GM face.

  2. Give everybody a singular gem for logging in on April Fools. Not set it back to 1 gem, just immediately give them 1 gem on the spot.


To be honest i think they should only do the 3rd one because its so funny but also so cruel

  1. Make everything Comic Sans.
    Also, rename the game to “curve fever 4” for April Fools



poll time:

  • everyone’s ship is a poop/joker ship
  • passive powers make you lose the percentage they are supposed to save you every time they activate
  • rank reset
  • the background image is geerts face.
  • the background image is geerts face, but only in paper arenas

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lol all of these are funny


Haha,maybe a new free trollface(i dont remember if the current trollface is in batlle pass) picture for everyone that log in that day