Ideas and Polls for Curvefever Pro(VOTE HERE!)



Yea sure but 180 is nothing :joy: you need millions of views on adds to even get a small amount of money. Sure you and me as players would love to get free stuff. But just complaining about it without really giving devs an other option to raise money will not help.


Let’s see how many are active in the next few weeks when we school starts again for EU peeps before we talk about how many are in the queue. XD


Lol, had school today in us, in Spanish I saw like 5 people playing. They sucked and had no idea what rechargeable powers meant


Well 180 is better than the current amount… Might as well make a tiny bit instead of even less. It’s known that free powers attract more players, so far.


Probably a good idea :smile:


My 2 cents on these polls/ your ideas:

  • Some of these ideas are really good and I like them
  • Polls seem to be a bit one-sided, I’d like a ‘other’ option in those/ a option to vote against. Don’t get me wrong, I agree on many parts, but this would ensure that it’s more representative. But maybe it should stay how it is, just my opinion.
    I think for example the prices for skins/ gems are just a bit too high. not totally be lowered.

I think an official poll in the game from devs would be great too, that more players would participate, that are not on the forums/ more representative

Happy New year :blush:


Yeah, I did kinda realize the poll thing gave limited choices.

But I’m unsure what would happen to the current votes on the polls if I altered them, so…

I would LOVE and official poll!