Ideas and Polls for Curvefever Pro(VOTE HERE!)



Hello there!

As of now, the playerbase has plummetted drastically. From 55 to 150 players at low and peak hours, respectively, there is a maintained low of around 35 to 40 players in queue. The amount of custom games you can find has also dropped.

Right now, I’m assuming that the developers are on holiday. But for when they’re back, here are a lot of ideas and suggestions on how to tweak the game. Read along and answer polls, or discuss this topic. This is rather extensive, and I do not feel more strongly about any of these points more than others.

Your ideas are appreciated! Thank you for the devs for pouring in so much work into the game!

Firstly, there’s the issue of rechargeable powers. They have received a largely negative feedback across the community. I have not seen any player(a person in the community other than a moderator or a developer) say something positive about the rechargeable powers. While it is nice that they made the refresh of the rechargeable more often, rechargeable powers are not useful unless you are out of uses on a module. Therefore, the rechargeable powers really doesn’t encourage diversity and different power uses. Users(myself and Line included) agree that rechargeable powers are noncompetitive as well. Because of this, unranked custom games(which for some reason make you lose uses on your modules) are less used, and people are more likely to play for just crates. After a person attains their crates, they are deterred from playing more, as they would consume uses on powers.

On the other hand, free powers were far more competitive and useful. You could use them an unlimited amount. I’d suggest reintroducing free powers and removing rechargeable powers. Rechargeable powers are just another gimmick for money. As for free powers, the amount of games before you receive new ones should be increased.

What’s your opinion on this?

  • I would like rechargeable powers to stay
  • Bring back free powers!

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Another minor thing is that instead of “uses” per module, the terminology should be altered to the amount of “energy” per power. This would be less confusing and be more in line with the purchasable energy. Also, putting in the yellow lightning bolt icon in front of the numerical amount of energy on a module would liven up the power library. Only the free modules wouldn’t have their energy shown(because the yellow icon on a golden icon won’t work out well).

What do you think?

  • The current system is fine.
  • Yes, institute this “energy” per module terminology and idea in!

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I’ll be using “the amount of energy on a module” to mean “the amount of uses left on a module” from here :smile:

Another thing is unranked private custom games. Make it such that you cannot earn crates from these. Furthermore, you do not end up consuming module energy. In addition, the host can decide between a full-sized map(full size) or default map(based on the amount of players). Not only that, but the host can limit which powers the players are allowed to take, including no powers. This would make custom games more customizable.

So, in the above paragraph, I outlined three main ideas. Which ones did you agree with?

  • Unranked custom games do not use up module energy, but in return, you can’t get crates from them.
  • The host can determine the map size in all custom game types.
  • The host can control the available powers in all custom game types.

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Also, reducing prices could go a long way. Rojoss informed me that the devs are not making money off of the game – in fact, they’re losing money. But overcharging players certainly isn’t the solution. Many players have pointed out that compared to other games, the prices are high.

Your viewpoint?

  • Prices should totally be lowered!
  • Eh. The prices are fiiiiiiiine.

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Other ideas include(mark the ones you guys agree with):

  • Have players watch video advertisements to lower crate wait time.
  • Give talks at schools, libraries, etc. Might be a bit awkward, though, but it could spread word about the game.
  • Lower some prices
  • Set up merchandise and ask the userbase about merch they’re interested in. IDK about the budget and stuff though, so this one might be impractical.

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Another issue is that of gems. There are only two ways to get gems now: buying or tournaments. Not everyone can attend tournaments. Buying? Eh. Depends.

But putting up a roadblock like this such that there’s no way to get gems without buying is unfair and detrimental to gameplay. Owl and others have pointed out that one of the only ways left in the game to show progression is skins, which cost many gems. Furthermore, people(Owl and myself included) have supported that making it impossible to get these gems for free is not a good idea.

The idea I though up of was that since crates already give so much XP, why not alter the after-game XP to gems? That is, first placers get 3 gems, second placers get 2 gems, and third placers get simply one gem. Some may say that this is a bit too generous and have suggested one gem per win, but the game isn’t competitive if you win every time. If it is a bit too generous, then increase the gem amounts needed for skins and energy instead of removing this.

What do you think?

  • Yep, I’m on board with this idea.
  • I agree, but it’s a bit too generous.
  • I think the current system works.

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Moving on, there’s the idea of quests and achievements. Rojoss mentioned that Fortnite does a great job of varying gameplay styles, and that quests and achievements would be a great idea. I think this would be nice, with gems and XP as prizes for completing quests and achievements. There are some secret achievements as well, which you will not be able to see until you have completed them.

  • I’d like quests.
  • Quests? Nah dude. I’m good.

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Now, regarding free powers:

There should also be preset “combos” of powers so that no one ends up with just defensive powers, etc. For example, {brake, laser, jump} could be one combo, and you receive combos. So that the game is not confusing, don’t tell players about the combo system. Let them think that the free powers are selected randomly if they want to so that the explanation of “combos” isn’t there to confuse them.

The good thing about combos is that you can experiment with unique ones. The devs, of course, are the ones making the combos. They could have stuff like the following:
{brake, laser, jump} This designated combo lets you either be pure survival or to help survive as you fry people with your laser
{brake, laser, speed} Again, this lets you do the laser+survival thing, where you can activate that laser without easily crashing, but additionally, there’s the combo of being able to speed up then activate brake to stop yourself from crashing.
{speedy fever, zap, trippy fever} You can go all fevers, a much-used power set, or zap and speedy fever also works.
{brake, time bomb, speedy fever} Use the time bomb to blow up curves and enemies for survival as you press brake while waiting for it to detonate. Or, of course, run into your speedy fever and press brake to stop it.

There are many other unique combos out there that could be really nice. Asking help from players could work, as they are likely aware of combos. So, rather than all your free powers being chosen entirely randomly, a random combo is chosen. There are so many possible combos that it’s very difficult for a player to get the same combo twice.

What do you think?

  • Combos sound nice.
  • Nope. No, no, no, no, no. No combos.

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Well, that’s it for now. Might add in a few more ideas as they pop up :slight_smile:




Why would you want schools to talk?/Schools don’t want you to play games all day!


Im in for the schooltalks lol :joy: i wont do them tho haha


Remember that since this game is normally played during the school day and by 12-18 year olds who go and spend time with family etc. the numbers will naturally go down during holidays. I for one have barely touched the game this holiday as I’ve been so busy with family and holiday etc.!


Oh, good point…

just wondering: What’s the disadvantage of combos? @Line and you both disliked it.


The nice thing is finding new combos. Don’t restrict it!


I dont see why you would restric it either… i got 3 defensive powers for free once who cares… you can still be good with them.

Atm i try to reach gm without modules and its not going too bad, but yea restrictions, even if you see them r always bad. Some people maybe like to use 2 defensives or 2 attacking modules ect.


oh…i think you misunderstood the idea. Instead of randomly selecting the free powers you receive, it will randomly choose a preset combination of powers.

But yeah, it could take a lot of time to organize so many combos…

people will still be able to combine powers outside the free ones, so less restrictions. The reason I suggested combos was to make sure people were more satisfied with their powers


I have ever since the beginning of energy and “uses” been against it, and I till this day stand by that. They have to be gotten rid of! The only thing this does is limit me as a player and restricting the amount of fun I’m having playing the game. Is there anyone who actually enjoys playing with two fevers?!


Big_Aur? :joy: no but there is many people that enjoy it, but i think you r right since the update i NEVER played with my favourite combination, just cause i want to save the energy for it :joy:




The “collecting gems based on match placement” thing seems nice, as it will reward better players, but that also means that people with skins are most probably going to be tryhards :grin: I’d also say that this idea is a bit generous, my idea is that there should be a limited number of gems you can get in one day/week (sorta like Clash Royale’s or Brawl Stars’ reward system). Great idea for free-to-players though! :+1:


Maybe increase the amount of gems needed to purchase energy and skins then?


Yeah, that would be better!


So, summarizing the popular votes, it looks like:

-We want free powers back
-We want more things to be available to alter by the host in custom games
-Have players watch video advertisements to lower crate wait times
-Have a way to win gems after matches
-Quests and achievements
-No combos


And now tell me how devs will make money :joy:


Ads, and some players will still buy gems


We already gad the ads discussion. That makes by far not enough at the cu4rent amount of players. And gems, well what do you need then for if you can get them by playing?

Dont get me wrong … this ideas r great and id love to see them come true. But we have to be realistic. It wont happen.


…A player who doesn’t pay will have to play 250 times as many matches as someone who does to get 250 gems, and that’s assuming they win every single one…it’s realistic. Better than nothing. As Owl pointed out, making an absolute roadblock(such that there is no way to attain gems freely) is detrimental to gameplay.

Also, no offense, but seeing how realistic an idea is is the devs’ job. They’re the only ones with income information and stuff for their game, and they’re the devs for the game, so they know how to program.


As for realism…if you like the idea, then you’re in.

But whether it will happen or not…it’s up to the devs.

As for the current amount of players: remember when free powers were first introduced? That’s when player numbers peaked, going to as much as 180 in queue sometimes.