Idea for free Battle Pass?


Just gonna leave this short; the free battle pass is kinda short.
Why not just give them a battle pass from the beginning after they finish the free battle pass as a sort of incentive to keep playing?
I feel like this’d give more meaning to keeping on with the game because you can still get all the rewards without even paying a nickel!


I will keep this answer short too…

You think this game pays for itself? Hate to break it to you but it does not… Want some more skins as an incentive to keep playing? Support the devs.


A little rude, don’t you think?


Not really


Don’t think he ment it in a rude way. But Svo is right. The game doesn’t pay for itself but players keep asking for more free stuff :joy:



devs when will we get free advertisements lmao


i feel like with the ads thing you can choose to support and watch ads to get gems and if you choose not to support you dont have to watch ads


Instead of giving a lot of free stuff, have a certain amount where it would make people want to keep playing. Before I got the pass, I kinda got bored a little because there was nothing else to get after robot skin. Maybe add a few more things? The price for the BP is good, maybe also add more skins, and maybe this time add some cool exclusive powers only for people that buy the pass. Go to @New powers let’s think, and get some ideas to put in the BP. This is BIGDROJAS, signing out!