I'd love country flags in our personal info



Hi devs,and dear community,as the title says,i’d love if u could add more info about us,such as country flags , this feature could be introduced next to our name while playing as a toggleable option or just apply it only in a definitive leaderboard like cf2 ,this way the game would be even cooler in my opinion xd,i know devs are working in many differents aspects rn,im just suggesting something that i always wanted in all games i’ve played,could be an useless feature nowadays xd,just take into account my suggestion if ppl are down with it
Thx for reading


yeah, so I can flex my stars and stripes


Would be Nice, i could now know if there are other good canadian players


Origin or residence?


if u feel affinity with the country that u was born its ok or u can be attached to ur current residence,its up to u :slight_smile:


Maybe the flags could be an avatar in game. So you can show where you r from :heart_eyes: I think that would be sick.


Nice idea. I would love to show my allegiance to my country.


The forum is no place for these kind of discussions and it’s completely off topic, please stop it and stay on topic about the feature suggestion.