I won the game but got second?



I won this game (ZRRk9b9nel) as you can see in the replay, but in the end ranking i got second. I had the most points! Is this a bug?

Cheers, Hans


That sometimes happen to me as well-- I don’t know, because if that’s the case, then it should be some type of bug.


U dont need to worry. The scoreboard is bugged sometimes and even tho it showed u 2nd, u would have gotten the trophies for first.


I don’t know which scoreboard you referring to. The scoreboard in the game (at the end of the match) gave me first, because i had the most points. But i got the prices for the second place. Also in my match history somebody else is named as the winner of the game.


the scoreboard of the replay.


happened to me a billion times. .__.


Sometimes when I get 249/248 inand 250 match, I win anyway. Just a small bug