I want to join the tournament



I want to join the official “stealling is illegal” tournament. I accidentally made a comment earlier (that I now deleted). But when I commented again to try to join, it wouldn’t let me? Does anyone know how long users are temporarily blocked? Or how many seats are available in the tournament?? Thanks!

  • Enter21, a new CF forum user.


Hello @Enter21

Welcome to the CFPro community and awesome to see you want to participate in a tournament! When you remove your own comment, this won’t count as a signup, since you removed it. Keeping this in mind, you must pay attention to the signup deadline you have. In this case it would be the 24th of November.

– I just noticed you placed a new message to signup. Your post will be counted as it falls within the deadline, so no worries, you are ready to battle! :smiley: