I want to delete my old account but cant because It uses my old school gmail



I need to Delete my old account, but It uses my old gmail from my school, so it wont let me Email anyone That was not one of my classmates. And all the links to Support.curvefever.com
send me to the main game. Is there any way the people that handle all the deletion requests able to delete it without the email and stuff?


Old account name is ch6nged fan.


Why would you need to delete your account? There is no way to delete an account since there is no points in doing so


Well, technically, you can delete your account. That’s exactly what Averazon and Kevin (ex moderators) did. It’s unnecessarily to do, but if you really want to, you can contact a developer or a moderator. You have to confirm that you were the owner of this account and they should be able to proceed with the deletion of the account.




on discord you can contact Rojoss, but unless you have a reason behind it it really wont change anything