I want a few things back


First, I want ranked 1v1s because users like myself got most of their rank from it now that I don’t have the 1v1s I’ve fallen from gold 5 to gold 2 this is something we should bring back.

Next laser, angle is almost completely pointless with it and angle now is almost unused as laser doesn’t have that slow duration I’d quite like to bring the old laser back or at least make a different version of laser for another level.


A separate 1v1 rank is on the backlog to be added but so are many other things.
So it will take time before you can see this in the game.

As for laser there are many reasons why it was changed.
This has been explained a lot of times already.
The main reason was that it became too hard to balance the power.
I’d have to nerf it even further making it pretty trash if you play it without a combo.
Additionally it was way too easy to hit multiple people and for a power you can’t defend agaisnt when used in combination with corner and 180 it was too unfair.
But all of these things were already discussed a lot of times on Discord with more details.


Thanks for the quick response!
The laser was just a cheeky request but I understand now thanks again!