I really like this update


So i used 2 play with single shot and side shot like ALL of the time.
And never cared to learn how 2 use different powers cuz it was working fine for me and i was ranking up.


after this update i got different free powers and i was forced 2 try em cuz i dont wanna spend energy.

so i played with self-speed and missile and it was so fun and its so powerful. everyone is afraid of u when u have speed lol.

now after the update i will be forced to use fevers and will be able to learn them too.

some people dislike this cuz they wanna play with their “favourite” combo but i think this update will make u try new stuff and ur “favourite” combo will keep on changing lol.

i can already see more variety in the games now.

so fun i am so happy :blush:

I really don't like this update now

Yes agreed ,good for those players which adapt to any combi,sadly only can play with a reduced amount of powers,im not that integral like pro players😂.luckily have 4 more alt accounts ,that way dont stop playing xd


u are pro with fevers u can play any power


Haha kinda pro on my $100 keyboard ,with current crappy laptop keyboard sucks af xd


we were already made to use different combos if we wanted to earn chests before, it forced us to use all the powers every day, the new set up only forces us to try 3 different powers every day if anything this lessens the diversification of game play


ye u are right but i never cared to earn crates b4. all the crate system was kinda above the head for me in the beginning and then i was enjoying my fav combo so much that i never cared to level up or stuff.
i am sure this happens to a lot of people


Yeah. The forced variety is great. I think what would subdue most of the complaints though is if the weapon rotation were more frequent, like maybe every match. Even though it’s fun to try a new combination for the first time, you eventually reach a point where you realize you’re stuck with those limited combinations for the entire day.

Also, the argument that we were already forced to play different combos is true to an extent. Only a portion of the player-base would do the daily crates, while another portion would only use their two favorite powers, especially in higher leagues. Being in the higher leagues almost discouraged going for crate games because you knew everyone you went up against would only be using what they were best at.


Yes, the forced variety is indeed an enjoyable aspect of this update.

However, players have complained about being deterred to use powers other than the free ones because points will be depleted.

To counter this, several players(me, Line, Owl, and Dusara included) believe that perhaps the 3 powers should update themselves after each crate you earn.


i think it takes 5-10 games to get used to a particular combo and start enjoying it. So i think the current system is fine.


this update is doo-doo :poop:


no its woo woo


Yes, being “forced” in a way to use different abilities is a great way to get used to all of them. I only used like maybe 3-4 and when I already used them to get a create(and it wasn’t always good ones) I would have to use different ones to get more. Now I get 3 free ones a day and get 4 chances(because there are 4 create spots) to get a gold crate.

I personally think this update was in the right direction.:wink:


ye many people are trying to convince devs to “update the update” and revert back the changes. I fear that the devs will change everything back.


I “had to” use single shot corner and a fever today, normally i play scatter with basically anything … but this was really fun and actually i played almost perfect with it (4 gold crates :joy:)

But yea a more frequent change would be great… maybe not after every crate but lets say 2-3 games


Absolutely agreed.