I really don't like this update now


So i wrote this 5 days ago, a day after the update came out : -

Now after playing a lot since the update, i have completely changed my mind. I really like the idea of removing upgrades and that everyone’s power is of equal strength now so its more skill based and not grind based now.

But the 3 free powers thing just sucks. The incentive to buy gems has increased too much because after u have tried the various combos and had fun with em, u would always want to stick to your main combo… I was happy with the update earlier cuz i was kinda new in the game and was still trying out the new powers and combos and the update gave me incentive to do that.

And now I want to play with my 2 main strong combos and I can’t (for free atleast) because the probability that i will get it is too low.

And gems arent cheap.

No wonder we are seeing like 1/5th of the Grandmasters playing now.
Time to go back to curve fever 2?


Copy and paste from another post:

"for me, after the update, the game is almost dead… because i use all the time the same powers, jump and side shot.
with the new update i am able to make 2 games per day (!) cuz of the free energy and than im done…

is this the right way? the new meta can not be to force the people in new powers they dont like. and dont talk like “if u r a good player u can play with other powers too”

For me and for a lot of other players is curvefever a fun game nothing else!!

but with this update the fun is gone because u get forced to do something u dont want.


i dont think that the developers or anyone who has something to say will respond…
Curvefever next EA?


i agree. Although one good thing is after the update we are seeing less cancer no skill combos like speed+ zap.