I reached level 24 Reverse did not unlock


as stated in the title reverse did not unlock for me at level 24.
It was -2/2 and now it is -1/2.
Another question would be concerning the drop rate of legendary modules. I have been winning quite a lot of gold crates every day for the past weeks but never got any legendary item. I’d like to know the drop rate for those if possible. Just to be sure they even get dropped :).

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Have you already gotten some module points for the reverse fever?

As for the legendary ones: Somewhere on the forum was mentioned that you probably need to have at least one other module on lvl 9 to get legendary points. And even then they r pretty rare. I found one in the shop today and it was like 1 point for 30.000 coins :joy:

So good luck finding them haha


I found my first reverse points in a bronze crate so they are somewhere! :smile:


Thank you for answering. :sunny:
That sounds like a good explanation :slightly_smiling_face:. This game seems a bit intentional at some parts.
Just wanted to be sure they are out there :grin:, though it is kinda a bug that they do not unlock.