I need recommendation for European films


I don’t watch a lot of European films but I want to since I have heard only good stuff about. Some recommendations would be greatly appreciated. There are a lot of awesome Europeans in this game so I am hoping to get some good recommendations that I won’t get by just googling :slight_smile:

I don’t have a singular taste in movies but I really love movies based on/inspired by true events like “Schindler’s List” or “City of God”. Bonus if it is based around some significant historical events. But just give any recommendation, really.


Goodbye Lenin

Toni Erdmann

The intouchables

The Leviathan

Schindler’s list is an American movie by the way , made by Spielberg.


Yep I know :clown_face:, I was just giving an example so as to give an idea for the type of movies I prefer.

And thanks a lot for the recommendations! I have seen The Intouchables and I love that movie. Gonna see the rest 4 sure.


any german-made ww2 films out there? i really want to watch one


Watch some good Estonian movies! :smiley:
I can send you some of them, if you want, but they are mostly in Estonian language.


This is an excellent film. But it’s not historically accurate and also Hitler is shown as too evil and reckless. Still it’s worthwhile to watch. But keep in mind of this while watching -


yep I would love that :slight_smile:
You can send the recommendations here (or elsewhere is fine too)
No problem about Estonian, I would try to find English subtitles.


Watch The Serbian FIlm :joy: jk don’t


a european film is called how to report: Inappropriate name