I might quit


These servers are straight up trash. i lag 24/7 i lose so much rank master 3 all the way to diamond 4 in 10 mins. If there is a reason why this is not proof i should leave tell me this game is full of it


I would stop playing after losing a certain amount of rank. If it is lagging, don’t play.


well, dont play until it stop lagging, and since you got master 3, there is no need to grieve when you lose rank. you are master, so its easy to rank back for you.


I’m quitting today… Lol.
I’m gonna check in once in a while to see if there’s anything new
But if there isn’t, then I’m just gonna stop checking in and quit.
I’m making a post about it in forums right now.


dude what if it is laggy cus season 4 is being tested


If it was being tested, it would have been tested locally.