I’m the only iPad player that reached gm



I’m a I the only iPad player that reached gm um… I think so but the game is so fun 12v is scared of multi shots :joy::joy:


bruh i play on a chromebook smh


touch screen on this is ass my keys suck to so i am forced to play touch screen


:joy::joy: on iPad I love touch screen is the best


This is a joke right


no but i am


i play on a dumpster fire connected to a screen


Nah I’m fr




Well then you are wrong :man_shrugging:


How? and why?


he just hates multi he isn’t scared of it


Exactly my point


Multi is the bane of 12V


12V is a better player than u as far as im concerned. I have known him since he was a dia 1 and he has just gotten better and better good luck with trying to catch up :rofl: u must be dreaming if 12v was scared of multi shot


Im not scared of multi, but you’re scared of not using it
Funny clown :clown_face:


Hahaha 1v1​:triumph::triumph:


oh I just mean he really hates multi