I have some ideas


I was thinking that you could add an option to change your name for 100 gems.

Second, For the shop it would be much better to include USD prices too, I would also be more likely to buy it. I am lazy to convert.


xD yes i agree with everything


also a way to scroll through different chats without a mouse would be helpful like if you press the ] key it would go up and [ would go down (just a thought) also to votekick the host would be good. The afk timer apparently doesnt work or is just not there

glhf and have an amazing day/night/afternoon/time/life


I think if you click on it in the shop it displays your currency. As for the names, great idea, maybe a little cheap.


100 gems is a lot for something like a name change. a system where you can change it for free month or so would be super nice, i dont see how that hurts anyone. Or perhaps upon reaching a certain level you get 1 time free name change


100 gems is a great idea! Most games such as Supermechs have you change your for a 100 tokens and every time you change your name the price increases. Would be nice to have some name changer!