I got the most time on curve fever🥰🥰🥰



5291C54B-A283-4E27-A70C-4AD546A42DE1 I got the most time survived on ipad omg I was playing a quickplay then I was surviving and playing it so safe look at my time and look at my points @theangelov


@prabh @Maya look at my time it’s a lot


Yeah man that’s a crazy time. It’s unfortunate you got only 215 battlepass points for playing a 19 minutes match though :joy:




Basically, you should have gotten much more battlepass points for surviving for so long :slight_smile:


K ima try okay


Then send you a photo if I do


It got 253 battle pass points


I did a 2nd one with 800sec that’s a lot :smile:


Very cool! ~ Python


I’m not python I’m Xtrachip


He knows you’re XTRACHIP.

The “~ Python” is an indication that they are known as Python.


Oh okay thanks for the info and the definition