I give up :/



Curvefever aka. “inspired by EA”
Pay to play-System which no one likes + put skins in for money…

Well done CF… rly well done. :smiley: it is nice to see how u kill urself nice and slowly

this is quite a new level of audacity



In my opinion, what the devs did was right. Putting in skins was better than nothing. Pay to play? Yes, it’s partially true: for energy, you essentially pay.

But then again, XCS mentioned that certain updates(including team mode) could not be done because the studio was not monetized enough.

I do wish, however, that there were also a few solely level-based skins, for those who put in time into the game. Maybe a new skin every 10 levels or something. Right now, the only free skin is the X-Mas tournament skin.


MINE :joy:


True! @Averazon look at this comment pls.