I give up :/



This thread wasn’t really meant for players like you I guess. It’s more for the current players that really care about the game.


Yes, many of us have indeed read the reasoning. We simply believe that some of these update aspects weren’t quite the best way for the problems. While we don’t have better solutions for all of them, we did like certain things of the previous mode better.

Also, reading your reasoning for the update confirms a point Wernigo presented: Except for customizations, you had little consideration for the existing fanbase/the players who had already invested time into the game, most of which had grinded or spent money.

As meow points out, the money costs are higher than most other games. Again, this is a free game, which I immensely enjoy and appreciate.


Why you all Wanna leave? Cuz you cant use your best combo? Cuz you Will lose rank? Its its because of that its stupid, i noticed that rank isnt important at all and btw a real top player need to be pro with all item, and the way that you have 3 free module have some flaws ofc, but it still good, Cuz that way player are finding new amazing combo, also Many player are finding this game boring Cuz They always use the same combo… Try new thing! It way more fun. Dont play the modules that you NEED to use to win, use the ones that you will have fun with (like speed speedy :p) this game Will become less repetitive if everyone would do that


I like your comparison to Smash Ultimate. It makes sense.
I have had the same thoughts about the new update and nothing has made me rethink that.
My biggest complaint is that you can’t choose the powers that you want without spending energy


thats ur opinion, ok , but obvious not the opinion of most other.

  1. as i mentioned before in another post, there is no fun if u get forced into something that u dont want to, because
  2. for me its quite more fun to play with the powers i like, even if they are not the “best”. i dont want to be the best, i want to have fun!


Well said Strump


I always use free modules and i lose a lot of rank, but i dont Really care Cuz i have fun discovering new combinaison that i wouldnt imaginate to be good, imo its even more run than in the last update. But it seem that nobody feel like me,you are too concentrated using the combo that you always used before, but its ok.

i just Wanna say that even if you complain a lot, i dont think the devs will do anything, Cuz they never did rewind in update, even if we were complaining more than that, you will have to live its the new changes guys


You arent right, do you remember “bounty gamemode”?


Bounty mode was “short-term experimental” from the beginning, it was not an update.

Also, the current stealing mode is just an improved version of the initial bounty idea.


uff… :open_mouth: rly? i dont know how old u r, but let me give u an advice for ur life

You dont have to accept what other dictates to you, especially if its bad for you!

If everyone thinks like this, we would still have kings and queens all over europe and the guillotine would still be working in paris :wink:

just because they never did rewind, doesnt mean they never will. if the whole CF community would complain they have to change to the old system(and tbh, CF is on a good way that more and more users are joining this movement, just because they are so ignorant), but ont the other hand there are too many with this oppinion like u described. i would call them “acceptors”. because they accept things without questioning, and this is just wrong.


I would vote for you as president. :joy:




i think they should add premium membership or something just like in cf2. For like 10 Euros per month (thats 6x the price of premium in cf2) . and those who pay get all unlocked powers for free. no energy required.
Those who play a lot will surely buy it. Also give em special badge so many would also buy because of prestige value.


I think using different stuff can be fun as @hohoho mentioned. But I get that it might be boring, not challenging, not that much fun for others either.

I am also pretty sure that @hohoho is right with the following statement:

Before you get into your reasoning that most of the players do not like the update again, try to think of what devs would do:

  1. Look if the player base is increasing.
  2. Read Feedback.
  3. Check if positiv and negativ feedback are made by so called “multiaccounts” (one player that posts with multiple accounts, btw confermed that there is someone that does this :joy: idk about what you think of it but i consider this a bit childish
  4. Is positive feedback + new players > negativ feedback.
    4.1 If yes, then stick with the update.
    4.2 if no, then reverse it

As for now, 4.1 is the case, so probably the player base grew so much because of the new update that they think it is worth sticking with it. I know that many “old” players left, I do not play that much either these days, but in general the game seems to have more players. The devs are not stupid and they will do what is best for the game.

P.S.: @Strumpfh0s3 you shouldn’t call anyone ignorant just cause they have an opinion.


@Strumpfh0s3 i only say that They never did rewind and they wont do it probably, i never say it was impossible. It has only very low probability


I’m not leaving. I still think that there were more ups than downs.

But we can still leave or give negative feedback if we want to. Feedback, be it negative or positive, is the only wya this game can truly grow.

  1. Look if the player base is increasing

Hmmm…it’s fluctuating in a strange manner. Before the update, there used to be around 70 players in the morning and at night, 120 at midday to afternoon, around 140 in evening. After the update, around 55 in the morning and at night, 135 during the rest of the day. Seems like in general, the player base may have decreased. These are not one-to-one accurate and I’m not on the entire time, of course.

BTW, all is based on EST(eastern standard time).

  1. Read Feedback

Hmm yeah and good thing is that the devs do that. However, the only responses to our feedback is either “you’ve posted it in the wrong forum, there are already other posts on it” or “Read the reasoning behind the new update here,” and stuff. It’s possible that the devs and moderators are still processing the negative reaction from the existing and growing fanbase, but then again, it’s been over a week since the update and this negative feedback has continued, so…something needs to be done.

  1. Check if positiv and negativ feedback are made by so called “multiaccounts” (one player that posts with multiple accounts, btw confermed that there is someone that does this :joy: idk about what you think of it but i consider this a bit childish

I agree with this.

  1. Is positive feedback + new players > negativ feedback?
    4.1 If yes, then stick with the update.
    4.2 if no, then reverse it

Again, I agree. It seems so far, however, that 4.2 is the case. Rather than reversing the update, however, my opinion is modifying a few parts. I do like the fairer powers system, but a few things need to be changed. 3 powers daily is likely too little and limited, as well as a few other points.

As for us wanting to play with our favorite combo, to do that, all powers should be free for unranked custom games.



I thought about that too but I really don’t know. Either it’s too few or too many free energy drops.
From my view it seems as there is no proper balance between enjoyable game and working monetization with the current structure possible. :man_shrugging:


Apparently not. Otherwise devs would have changed something already.


And now if u want to have x-mas skin you have to pay 6 euro.