I give up :/



Myself and several other fans of the game have been trying to fix the glaring problems caused by the latest update. While the update took one step forward with the removal of the upgrades in powers (and the grind involved) it took a good 10 steps backward, and then fell off a cliff. I have tried everything I can think of and submitted every that comes to mind, and I have received nothing from the developers or the community leaders that imply any intentions to cater to anybody but new players. One moderator even addressed another complaint such as the one I am currently writing and he said: “sometimes to go forward, you have to take a painful step back.” This step back is turning off myself and so many older players away from the game. The devs clearly do not care for their fanbase, and the bottom line of profits is their only goal. I understand that they are running a company and their goal is to make money, but the way that they are attempting to do this cold and not fair to the fans that made the game what it is today. I have no idea what we (the fans, clearly not the devs) can do to save this game, and that is a sad thing to say.


When i saw the new update my réaction was the same as you, i thought that this game was deffinitivly dead. But i tried it and i notice that it wasnt that bad, the way that They remove upgrade is even good cuz it make the game more fair for the new player who dont totally understand the game. And for the energy i dont think this is the best idea, but it still Nice cuz it force you to use free modules, and to learn différent combo, not only use your main combo that you used thousands of times, Cuz a real cfp player need to be good with every archetype


Personally, I have two powers I like to use and they’re the ones I almost always roll with. Other play styles are fine, and of course I have tried them, but like Smash Ultimate, playing the unit that is King K. Rool, is a lot more fun than playing with someone like Wii Fit Trainer.


u need like 10-20 euros per week to play with ur combo. It’s not much but its more than other games. for 20 dollars u can get so much in other games with in game currency (example - miniclip multiplayer pool)


I have to admit that I lost motivation to play as well


wow champs are leaving


Compared to old players, you’ve probably been the longest.


I too wanna leave.


What do you mean?


I mean, most of the old players have gone a long ago. For the same reason … Updates
Browse the old topics, you will see exactly the same as now.

Of course, the developers are going to the right side of the balance. But it does not appeal to players who have already achieved something. That’s why they left the game.


The amount of players that have achieved something vs the number of players that just love the game is a pretty big disparity. For example, I’m a gold 2, but I would play probably 10 games a day. I wasn’t trying to level up or increase my ranking, I just enjoyed the game.


If nothing changes I will leave this game in this month


I hope that one day we will play together again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :poland:


I’ve already stopped playing


Is that why some power ups cost energy? Like side shot??
Because if that’s so… then i will quit too…


Yeah that’s the reason :frowning:


You can read about the reasoning behind the update in this topic : New way of playing Curve Fever


that’s soo lame… -_-… guess it’s all about the money huh


Geert, I read that article before I started this thread but I just went and read it again. You listed a couple things you like and wish to keep in the game from the current, now former, system and I have a couple of questions. Firstly, you say you like the fact that players find their own combinations of powers and then learn to master these combinations. You also said you always want players to be able to play the game for free. This update goes directly against both of those ideas.


Just because I lost the motivation, doesn’t mean I am gone. I just lost the motivation regardless of the update. I have more than enough points to use any module I wish, it’s just - I don’t find it fun anymore.

I’m still lurking around discord and joining from time to time in the game