I felt special for a second πŸ˜‚



Sorry but I don’t get it what you meant by that screenshot.


LOL :joy: maybe beating 5 gms as a diamond?


Genuinely tell me where these rooms are. I want them!


Poor piotr probably something like -25 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Pfft. watch the replay for it, bums focused me at the end then fed the dude like 100 points.
It’s a decent one to watch, FcaWCPFHj.0
nevertheless, gg


the replay


Yeah, but the creator of the topic just said β€œfor a second”, did they lose to them then hard after beating them?


β€œfor a second” is a phrase one uses to indicate a short moment/time. Some thing like: β€œwait a second”… he/she was in pure disbelieve :joy: and in his/her shock he/she had to relax for a second to grasp what he/she just did.


Wow, so many single-shot hits in like 10 seconds in last round :smiley:


Melliepoo2 is legit a beast. I’m more scared of Melliepoo2 than over half the gms.

Nice game BTW xd


Dangggg, that was nice sniping in the last round


Holy frickle dude that was nice


I wonder if this person was in the recent tourment


i wasn’t


So I wasn’t as well, while I am the same person using Euro and Melliepoo2


:sweat_smile: :heart: :blush:


wish you were in a tourment smh