I feel like we should be able to give gifts to friends


In so many other games, you can have friends and send gifts to them. I feel like we should be able to do that too. Even if thats skins, gems, battlepass, powers, and other things. Please post below if you like this idea!


and does anybody else know why my post is like this scrolling thing?


If you put 4 spaces in the beginning of your topic, it will automatically make it as a scrolling text. (I changed it for you to a normal)


thanks theangelov
also, do you like my idea


Thats a good idia! toatally agree about gifting. But only with friends.


thanks yeet69


The idea is good, but it also could led to simple account boosting - cheating. If a player doesn’t has enough gems for a skin or something else, this player could make an alt account and give his gems from his alt to his/her main account as a gift.

However, I have an idea to prevent this kind of cheating. It is simple, the players could request an access to send a gift to another accounts, the request would be checked by the moderators (they will make sure the sender isn’t the same player as the receiver) and that’s actually it. The players would be available to gift one of these items: [premium battlepass, skins, hats, avatars and powerups], only by purcharing them with gems or money. And one last thing, item transfering wouldn’t be allowed nor gem transferring (a player with an angel skin won’t be able to send it as a gift, he will have to purchare it with gems or money as a gift)


thats a good idea theangelov
can you make that a thing on curve fever pro or not


But CFP will not get updates anymore so i think thats not possible
Anyways thats gooood idea


I have the same concern as Theangelo… As a game developer myself I understand how hard this would be for the developers. (Which Theangelo is NOT a CFP dev, so he can’t add this feature, to answer your question.)

Not to mention the indie studio (Hidden Monster Games or HMG) went out of business and was disbanded, announcing that the game will receive no future content updates.

Thanks for reading, hope I was able to answer your questions, and have a good day. :+1:


i understand :thinking: