I don't play the game how you like...sue me



Fellow curve fever players, small moan here.

If you have a moral objection to how I play the game, then suggest a rule change to the devs, or just stay quiet and at least people won’t know you’re a baby.
Don’t cry to me that you don’t like one tactics or another.

I used to speed zap; but I got “**** you speed-zapper” every game. So I changed to the most innocuous attacking ability: 2 fevers, to escape it.

Now almost every match I get “**** you spammer”, i.e. I should place an arbitrary limit on myself to how much I use my powers…wtf. I place them at strategic points around the map, valid tactics.

I’d completely ignore it, if it was just a few new people, but no… players far better than me are saying it while beating me (Zero for example, though without the swearing).

So yeh, tldr, anyone telling me to use my fevers less will get more fevers, at them.



haha :joy: well yea it is obvious that u can play every combo you like :joy: but the two mentioned by you up there are most likely the 2 most hated combos in the game :joy: so yea people will say something. If the really insult u, just report them! Otherwise if u like these “argh” combos :joy: then go for it and don’t bother others.

Top Tip: For speed zap they can’t really say anything if u don’t suicide kill them. For fevers same, if you place them and actually aim :joy: then it’s fine i guess <3


It supposed almost everything is balanced to avoid people complaining on how hard we are abusing our loved powers,then no one can sue u since every combo or the most of them have their counters as well,ppl who is moaning just let them be,i use to play double fever and at the start of the game i keep an eye on ppl with the same powers than me regardless the league they are in


Lol i feel you bro, but people hate you no matter what combo you use if you rek them. i just won a game vs a gm and diamonds with just thin and that shut them up.


easiest soloution is removing the shooting aspect of this game, wich is the worst part of it. Better to go with items like in curvefever 2. :slight_smile:


Dude I get it too. Totally understand. It’s frustrating when people complain about being targeted by spammers or suiciders but the way I see it - there’s 6 players and it’s anything goes until the winning points have been reached. That means if you want to climb to 1st place by spamming, suiciding, trolling the person in last place or just being annoyingly lucky, then go for it - a wins a win and some people will have a moan in the heat of the moment but just try to ignore it and move onto the next game :slight_smile:


Alright seems like everyone agrees already, ish.

I’ll quote you that next time you do it then haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry to have called you out specifically, couldn’t remember anyone else.


It’s not my style but if I ever am salty you can call me up on it <3


U can use what you want to use nobody can change that