I dont like team mode



team mode is bad because people cheat by going in their own base and blocking it off and it is soooooo annoying :roll_eyes: so could u please make it to where that is not allowed :pray:


I wish you can switch between team mode and single player, I really want to rank up and get better with my skillz.


He does have a point there.


Nope, that is the point of teams, you need to defend your own christal to prevent others from getting there. However it was much harder to do so in the first version of teams!

Being able to switch between them or putting teams to customs where tit makes more sense would indeed be a good thing!


yes i get it


alsow yes it would be nice if u could switch on quickplay between team mode and solo


The idea of the current team-mode was that at the beginning itโ€™s easy to block/defend the core. But as the game progresses your team gathers more points and the more points you have the bigger the enemy drop zone is. After your team gathers 400 points the drop area grows outside of the white borders, so itโ€™s very easy to attack/hard to defend. A good strategy is to survive the first one or two rounds, then itโ€™s easier to attack the enemy core.


You did a good job if that was the plan! Out of the 3 versions you guys tested, version 1 and 3 are by far the best! I am not sure which one I prefer tho.

Some pointers:

  • teams to customs would make much more sense
  • speed is predominant in the teammode, might be time to do some balancing :joy:

Other then that there is not much to do!

Have you guys thought of a team deathmatch? Something like the KO-Mode we had back in the days but as team? Last team (or one member of it) standing gets a point. First to idk 10 points wins.


We did think of a lot of modes, but we also wanted to keep the mode pretty close to what FFA is now. The KO-mode was without points stealing, and in teams it also wonโ€™t really work with stealing, and in the past the game had its biggest growth when we introduced the stealing mechanic. Also, when testing different team modes, the ones without stealing felt more boring.


Thought so :stuck_out_tongue: just wanted to bring it up if you forgot about it. But you guys are doing a great job as always